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Chad Hutto is an East Texas Native who was born and raised on a 500 acre cattle ranch just north of Carthage, TX. Chad graduated from Beckville High School, in Beckville, TX, in 1996. He began a career with the Texas Department of  Criminal Justice in 1997. In 2000 he earned an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice. 

In 2008 Chad set out to follow another dream. That dream was to make people laugh and tour the country making people laugh.. He has always done things to make people laugh. However in 2010 his dream was put on hold, so he could focus on raising a family. He didn't want his children and wife to be without him. He wanted to be there for his family especially during the raising of their children..

His best Friend David Baumgardner pushed him to return to the comedy stage. Chad just didn't feel that the time was right. On Feb. 7, 2019 his friend committed suicide, just 2 days before their weekend of big plans. One year after his friend's death, Chad returned to the comedy stage and has been going every since.

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