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Annual Fundraisers

Each year Chad Hutto holds fundrasing events to help local non-profits. Eacht of these fundraisers Chad challenges his fans and followers to help raise a set dollar amount. If that dollar amount is reached Chad is the looser of the challenge and does crazy things. Crazy things such as shaves his head, riding a bull (again), sky-diving, and just about anything else he is challenged to do!

In 2020 Chad held a 30 day online fundraiser for Children's Hospital in Dallas, TX, to help benefit the Pediatric Heart Camp. Goal reached of $1,000 = Shaved Head!!

In 2021 Chad held 5 fundraiser events/shows for Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Partnership in Colorado Springs, CO. Goal was $2,000 = Riding a Bull (again) came in just under the goal!! 2022 challenge will be Bull Riding (again)

AMF Logo.jpg

In 2022 Chad partnered up with his Off-Road group TxCo Adventures. Along with TxCo Adventures he is holding the First Annual Off-Road Poker Run to benefit American Military Family. For anyone that wants to donate to this charity please click the "Donate" Button below.

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